Parallel universe


September 20-27, 2019: Global week of climate action

Scientists worldwide join children’s strike for climate crisis, massive protests are organized around the globe and at the same time the UN Climate Action Summit is taking place in New York. The term “climate crisis” is used to point out the urgency to act if we want a place for our children to live. As simple as that.

The main causes for climate change are 1) carbon dioxide emissions produced by burning fossil fuels and 2) deforestation, which has reduced the amount of plant life available to turn CO2 into oxygen.

So, in order to survive –humanity and the rest of living species- the different states have to agree that they will end every investment in fossil fuels -opt for renewable energy instead- and ban oil/gas drilling on the respective territories -what’s the point of drilling for oil/gas if you already know that you are not supposed to burn it?

While all this is happening, literally at the same time, in a parallel universe called Greece, the government brings before the Parliament for ratification license agreements for oil/gas exploration and drilling in the Greek seas, right into the deepest waters of the Mediterranean sea.

Absurd yet true, at the same time of the global call for an end to the age of fossil fuels, in Greece the members of the Hellenic Parliament will be arguing in favor of granting immense marine areas to oil giants like Exxon Mobil, Total and Repsol.

And there’s more: according to “Greece's New Development Bill” (the draft law that has also been introduced recently in Parliament), the Greek state will now fund for fossil fuel-related projects (ports,pipelines, roads, etc). This means that the money from taxes that citizens are paying will fund the oil industry to facilitate the destruction of the seas of our home land, the atmosphere of our home planet, to accelerate our climate breakdown.