We are people from different parts of Greece and from different professional fields. We make different choices and we have different views. Nevertheless, we agree that as citizens we have the right to comprehensive and objective information about projects that if they are implemented will taint or destroy our area. We agree that we have the right to be involved in a public dialogue before decisions are made that will put the natural and man-made environment at risk.

We are referring to the Greek state's program that commenced a few years ago. The plan is moving fast and gives the right to oil companies for hydrocarbon exploration and drilling. Lands and seas of thousands of square kilometers are called “blocks” and are under concession or have already been conceded to oil companies. As residents of the areas that will be affected directly by the consequences to the environment, to the public health and to the economy. We denounce that we have not been informed and our opinion was never asked about such a grave matter.

This is the reason why we have created this website: we are seeking to learn what 'hydrocarbon exploration and drilling' means, what the concession contracts entail, what is at stake to be lost forever if the plans are implemented. Our goal is to unite our voices with the Citizens' Initiatives Against Hydrocarbon Drilling and to support the fair fight for our children's right to clean air and to clean water.

For thousands of years, the waters of Epirus, Ionian sea, and the sea of Crete were of vital importance for the locals. They are a part of our natural and cultural inheritance and we ought to protect them for the future generations. Knowing that the consequences of the hydrocarbon drilling could be devastating, as citizens of Greece and of the world we state that we don’t want to take such a risk!

Drilling affect us wherever we are, wherever they are taking place or they are planning to take place. We already know, that by continuing to invest in fossil fuels we only accelerate the consequences of climate change. Thus, we are wondering: Do we really want to see the worst? We have already answered: We say NO to hydrocarbon drilling! If we want to increase our chances for a better future, we need to leave the oil in the past.