Against seismic surveys

On Friday 17:30 at Annunciata we demonstrate against the seismic surveys that are destroying our seas!
The seismic surveys carried out in the last weeks for the company 'Hellenic Petroleum' have already caused problems. And these will only be the beginning of much bigger problems in our seas, unless we stop their plans.
Join our action to get informed and discuss with us.
Fossil Free Corfu



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  1. Alessandra PaceMarch 4, 2022

    Seismic surveys performed by SW Cook seem to have stopped yesterday evening.
    Today, 4 March 2022, SW Cook is harbored in Patra.
    It laboured 2 weeks off the west coast of Paxos and Antipaxos, the north coast of Lefkada, and the southwest coast of Corfu.
    While off the Paxos west coast it caused earthquakes force 2.5, whereas whales were stunned to the point of beaching on Corfu.
    The survey vessel could actually be seen with naked eyes from the west coast of Paxos.

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