Stop the seismic surveys in the Ionian Sea

15 environmental organizations are asking the government to immediately stop the seismic surveys in the Ionian Sea, after three incidents of stranding of whales in Corfu.
The threat is huge and the incidents cannot be coincidental. Gas exploration and drilling plans must stop before it is too late!


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  1. Alessandra PaceFebruary 26, 2022

    On Paxos last Wednesday, 23 February, we’ve had seismic unrest and a 2.5 scale earthquake coinciding with SW Cook’s presence off the West coast of the Island. The vessel could actually be seen with naked eyes from the coast.
    Since then, SW Cook positioned 5 reference points which have now been moved to the Northwest coast of Lefkada. This is the website where you can check SW Cook’s movements:
    Let’s keep track of all strange “coincidences”: beached whales, earthquakes…
    Inhabitants of Lefkada, keep your eyes and ears peeled and let’s share info!
    Best to everybody


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