#DrillingIsKilling Alert your elected representatives

In 2020, we have a legislative opportunity to achieve this at the European level, but we need YOUR help!

Today we know that in order to stay within established climate goals, we must leave at least 80% of discovered fossil fuels in the ground. But how do we overcome our addiction to fossil energy that is killing our planet and the future of humankind?

It’s no easy task, but one of the first steps would be to ban offshore drilling. Today, we are extracting oil and gas in all European seas (14 EU Member States authorize it), going deeper and deeper and threatening both environment and human lives. It’s time we stopped!

Surfrider Europe and its partner NGOs are calling for a ban on offshore oil and gas exploration and exploitation in all European waters by 2035. As provisional steps, we are asking the EU and its Member States to:

  • Stop approving new drilling permits both for exploration and exploitation by 2023
  • Refuse renewals on issued authorizations after their expiration date in order to reach a complete phase-out by 2035
  • Stop exploitation and exploration activities in and around Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)
  • Stop offshore drilling in the EU and the EEA Arctic waters.

All stages of offshore drilling – exploration, exploitation, maintenance and dismantling – have dramatic and irreversible impacts on the ocean ecosystem, but it is still permitted in 14 EU Member States. With the launch of the new Drilling Is Killing platform, you can contact your MEPs directly and urge them to stop oil drilling and exploration in the EU! Let's use the power of our collective voice to protect the water, waves, and places we love!


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