Symbolic action to honour the 21st May celebration

On Tuesday the 21st May, we 'unite' the past with the future.
Our amazing sea, the Ionian, unites the people of the Ionian Islands physically and historically, and on the 21st May we honour the Anniversary of the Union of the Ionian Islands with Greece in 1864.
We need to take stock of this historic day in a dynamic and powerful way, especially as all our local communities, our natural environment, our sea and even our future are being threatened with the catastrophic consequences of oil drilling around our islands.
The Open Assembly of Kefalonia and Ithaka against Oil Drilling will be honouring this historic day and invites all our members, friends, and those who are battling against a future of oil drilling, to honour the 21st May celebrations with our presence as a group. We will meet this Tuesday, the 21st May, at 11am, outside the Municipal Offices of Argostoli, where we will present our own up-to-date interpretation of this anniversary.
After this, we will be taking symbolic action at the Lighthouse (Fanari), from where we will send out our message, that the Ionian will remain free and eternal, uniting us with the past, present and future.


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