The supply base for the hydrocarbon mining is Kyllini

The issue of hydrocarbons in Ilia seems to gain a second benchmark after Katakolo, as developments put in the “frame” and Kyllini, the port which Greek Petroleum reportedly wants to use as a supply base and possibly as a center for the transportation and parking of cargo ships and barges. Indeed, as stated by the Mayor of Andravida-Kyllini, Mr. Yiannis Lentzas, on “PROTI”, he had a meeting with some of the ELPE executives who transferred the proposal to him.

The data

Greek Petroleum is preparing for its operations in the Ionian Sea and the area near Kefalonia. The plan also seems to include the port of Kyllini, which will be the basis of ELPE supply. in the drilling off the coast of Kefalonia, which will take place at a distance of 5 nm. from Poros. The timing of the test drilling activity on this plot is set in mid-2020, so the time counts for the first drill.

Preparations are now running fast and we will soon see new developments in the area. The creation of a supply base in Kyllini, once this option has been implemented, is expected to create jobs, as the company has announced for its overall activity in the Patriotic and Northwestern Peloponnese, followed by hydrocarbon research in the near future. Cypress Bay.

G. Lentzas: “The plot is 10 km from Kyllini”

Speaking on the “FIRST” issue, the Mayor of Andravida-Kyllini, Mr. Yiannis Lentzas, emphasized: where we discussed the issue of creating a parking lot and cargo space for cargo ships and barges off the coast of Kyllini. The plot to be investigated is between Sami and Poros, 10 km from Kyllini. Of course, the subject is still theoretical. They are currently updating the data and in the second phase they will start investigations. There is no agreement, it just became a meeting. In one and a half months we will have something more certain. “

More than 30 target areas

In the meantime, more than 30 hydrocarbon targeting sites have been identified in the Ionian Sea and the west and south of Crete since surveys on “plots” that have been granted or are under concession. The map of the “plots” and the target areas was even presented by Greek Hydrocarbon Managing Director Yiannis Basias at a conference on energy in the Eastern Mediterranean on October 6, the day the ratification of the treaty was approved by Parliament. of hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation rights in four marine areas in Crete and the Ionian Sea.

The NEAF map shows that the objectives are not limited to the areas granted but extend to the “plots” available for concession. The geological features of these plots, in central Ionian and southern Crete, have been presented in recent months by ADEV on the international market and according to information from the Authority have attracted the interest of international oil companies.

In relation to the area west and southwest of Crete, EDWE stresses that the possible targets lie in rocks buried deep below the sea floor, with sea depths well over 1,500 meters. The average water depth in these areas exceeds 2,500 meters and in many cases is around 3,500 meters. The technology for drilling at such great depths is expected to be available over a three-year timeframe, and companies will decide whether or not to drill.

“It is clear that the oil consortiums that are interested in potential Greek deposits are at the forefront of these technological developments,” reads a report by EDWA.

It is clarified that the areas of interest do not necessarily mean that they will also hide quantities of hydrocarbons, which can only be ascertained by drilling. It is encouraging, however, that discoveries have been made in neighboring countries appearing on the EDWA map and there is hydrocarbon production.

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