Women’s Association of Ithaca “Penelope”

Women’s Association of Ithaca “Penelope”

Resolution against hydrocarbon extraction

We, the Women of Ithaca, explicitly declare our absolute objection to the oil extraction activities in the Ionian sea, planned by the government and multinational oil companies, that will dramatically degrade the environment of our island and of the Ionian area with devastating effects on the economy, and the life and health of the population.

The sea of the legendary Ulysses is in peril of becoming a dead sea due to political decisions and management that serve the economic interests of multinational oil companies.

Our place and people have nothing to gain from the hydrocarbon extractions in the Ionian sea area, only much to lose.

Hydrocarbon extraction will degrade the underwater  environment and not only that, it will have negative effects on the health of the residents as well as the existing forms of economic activity (tourism, fishing, agriculture, animal husbandry, fish farming).

The existence of dangerous faults that have been linked to seismic activity in Europe’s most earthquake-prone area and their link with the drilling and the extraction activities, as well as the possible influence of those activities to the active faults are two concerns that have not been seriously taken into account.

The policies of all the governments of the past ten years, coming from the Memorandum obligations that have been accepted and signed, are leading our island and the Ionian Sea to prospects that will prove to be disastrous for the people, the environment and the economy.

We, the women of Ithaca, explicitly declare our absolute opposition to hydrocarbon extraction in the Ionian Sea and invite all the people of Ithaca, citizens, associations, unions and local authorities to express their explicit opposition to this future prospect and to collectively and actively resist the extractions that undermine the future of our home area and our people.


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